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Cobol and Artificial Intelligence: Can we make a match?

I have always been interested in Artificial Intelligence. I think it is one of the limits to what we can do, yet.

Last night I came across some guidelines to help in creating a Mind using COBOL. I think that the idea behind this site is instigate people, COBOL developer to be more specific, to create a mind using different programming languages. They expect programmers to create the different modules they suggest and integrate them.

I could not find out if someone is trying to do it. If you find out, please tell me, I’m really curious to know the results.

Maybe I will undertake the task.

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Anonymous said...

Please post links to items you reference:

"the idea behind this site"

"a fair article about COBOL"

Where are these things?

Power Programming Point said...

Sorry about that.
I thought I was the only one confused by blogger. When I use its tool to refer a link it transforms the post title in the hyperlink, which is a little confusing.
I'll corrected all posts and will be putting the hyperlink in the post from now on.
Thanks for pointing this out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to the Cobol page at the SourceForge Mind project. A reciprocal link has been added, linking back to Power Programming Point. -Mentifex (A.T. Murray)

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